Epionce Skincare

Epionce Skincare

From the day we were born, our skin begins fighting a loosing battle against time and the effects of the environment. When external factors are constantly irritating the skin, they cause chronic damage, making the skin even more vulnerable to further exposure. This destructive process exacerbates existing skin disorders, suffered by over half of the population, accelerating the early development of extrinsic skin aging.

Everyday activities along with environmental factors can disrupt your skin’s natural protective barrier, which is our shield of defence against harmful external factors such as UV rays, pollution and potentially damaging ingredients found in many personal care products.

This sets off biological reactions in the skin, leading to a progressive and chronic form of inflammation. The skin responds to inflammation by generating destructive enzymes and mediators that damage the skins collagen and elastin fibres along with the natural protective barrier. This results in unwanted substances entering the skin, furthering the damaging cycle.

Epionce skin wellness products help correct and prevent the signs of extrinsic skin aging, improving the overall condition of your skin. Even if your skin has suffered decades of neglect, it is never too late to start restoring it to optimum function, thus naturally creating a more youthful radiant appearance.

The Epionce commitment to skin wellness is supported by years of scientific research dedicated to understanding the skins reparative processes. Independent clinical studies have documented how Epionce products help the skin function at its optimum, restoring its healthy and youthful glow as quickly as two weeks after daily use.

Simply because a product contains active ingredients, it will not necessarily provide beneficial results. Unless stable forms of active ingredients reach the targeted cells in the skin at high enough concentrations, their inclusion in a formulation will not result in clinically significant and measurable effects.

By delivering functional benefits at the cellular level, where new skin is generated, Epionce cellular targeting technology helps the skin restore itself, strengthening the natural protective barrier and preventing the damaging effects of chronic inflammatory factors.

This highly effective delivery system requires light to moderate application of product to obtain the desired result.

Clinically proven effectiveness

  • Appearance of fine lines – Reduced by 38%
  • Appearance of wrinkles – Reduced by 33%
  • Skin tactile roughness – Reduced by 64%
  • Skin Elasticity – Increased by 21%
  • Sun Spots (hyperpigmentation) – Reduced by 34%
  • Skin clarity and radiance – Improved by 91%
  • Sun Sensitivity (tolerance) – Improved by 64%
  • Actinic Keratosis – Totally eliminated

By being consistent with your skin, you can achieve beautiful, healthy skin.
Epionce provides highly effective and pleasant to use products, so you can enjoy the beauty of healthy skin, everyday.


  1. Cleanse to gently remove impurities & make up
  2. Prepare your skin to receive benefits of the leave on products which balances your skins normal pH.
  3. Treat skin imperfections
  4. Renew & fortify your skin through moisturisation deep into the cell layers
  5. Protect your skin from UVA/UVB radiation.
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