Our Botox Service in Northern Ireland

Our injectable service is carried out by Dr Jeremy McCammon at our clinic in Cookstown, Northern Ireland.

Jeremy has been working with us since the beginning and we have developed a great relationship between us as a team and with our clients. We normally have one morning and one evening injectable clinic per month offering Botox to clients who want to soften fine lines and wrinkles around the forehead and eye area. Botox services are also used for underarm sweating.

What is the procedure if you want to come in for a consultation/treatment?

Your journey into the world of Botox begins with making an appointment, which we will advertise on social media, through facebook/donnadonaghyskincare, snapchat dds7480 and instagram.com/donnadonaghyskincarelaser, this will inform you of date/times and from there you can make your appointment. 

On the day of the appointment Jeremy will take you into the treatment where he will give you an in-depth explanation of what to expect when getting the treatment done. He will give you some direction as to how many areas he thinks would work best for you, and will take into consideration the look you are trying to achieve!

How many areas can I have done?

You can get 1, 2 or 3 areas done! However this will be discussed between you (the client) and Dr Jeremy as to what exactly will suit you. Some ladies want a slight arch in the eyebrows, some want a very subtle look because they want it to be their little secret to looking youthful and some just go for the whole hog, caring less who knows!!

What type of Botox is used?

Allergan Botulinum toxin is used for treatments at Donna Donaghy Skincare & Laser. It takes 24 – 72 hours for it to take effect and 5 days for the full effect. The first time I got it done I got a mild headache that evening but was fine after that, there will also be a bee sting effect for approx. 2 hours after treatment. 

How long will it last?

The effects of Botox lasts 3 months. Over the years of getting it done you will depend less on the muscles you once used to squint and frown which can mean you may eventually be able to space treatments out more.

If you need any more info you can call us on (028) 8623 9319

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